Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps

Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps
Name: Vanessa
Parent Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
Improve in Maths
Do more maths in my free time. Get 1500 points in mathletics a week.
Asking questions if I don’t understand

Student Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
Learning my 12 times table

Do more tables and remember it.
Practice at home and school

Multicultral day

This week I have participated actively in a range of learning experience around ‘Multicultural week’ WHAT: I was involved in a range of learning experiences for Multicultural week. I did Chopsticks, Chinese traditional spring card. I also learned about Israel, Russia and we also had Henna done for us. SO WHAT: I learnt was that you can fit 63 New Zealand’s in Russia. I enjoyed the chopsticks where you had to use chopsticks to pick up things. I was most fascinated by the Henna, I had a beautiful flower pattern on my hand. NOW WHAT A question I have is…. How long does it take from New Zealand to get to Israel?

Learning plan reveiw

Koru Art

This is my koru art.
I used bright colors, pink, purple, blue & green.
It was really hard to get the shape of the koru right, but I never gave up and I got it right!
We had to choose some patterns for the koru. I chose waves and triangles.

Geometry (Maths)

Shapes  WALT: Finding symmetry in shapes.
In Room 5 we learned about Geo Boards. We made different shapes with it. Mine looked like a Star burst. It was made out of colored rubber bands. We made a lot of creations. They were creative and unique. My colors were green, yellow, red and blue. The Geo boards were fun to use for making lots of creations.
You can do a lot of creations with the Geo boards. You could probably make the solar system  with the Geo boards!
By Vanessa.

Literacy Week

On Literacy Week we did a lot of fun activities, such as finding Willy Wonka's golden tickets, activities in the  Library and much more! It was such a shame because I couldn't dress up. I was at the South West Zones. We also did stop, drop, and write. In the Library, there was the treasure hunt and Make your own bookmarks. I didn't really do much on Literacy week. The people in Room 5 dressed up as all sorts of characters like: Cats, Princess Leia, the Tiger who came to tea, The Sun, Super woman, diary of  Wimpy kid, Cinderella,Mrs Twit and a lot more! Literacy week was fun even though I didn't dress up as my favorite book character. I hope we do Literacy week next year!

By Vanessa.

Pet day Writing

WALT: describe our pet day.
S.C The reader understands my feelings about pet day.

Today it is pet day. I am dressed up as a cat. We are fundraising for the SPCA and Kaikoura. First we had a pet parade. I saw lots and lots of dogs, that were very cute. My favorite one in the Parade is probably the Pugs. In the hall there were more animals such as cats, turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs, fishes, Parrots and chickens. The cats were adorable and so were the Parrots. Lots of people were wearing onesies, like: duck, ladybirds, zebras, unicorns and much more!!! Overall pet day was Amazing! I loved the dogs, cats and the other furry little creatures.
By Vanessa.

Space Alien

WALT: Describe the attributes of an alien to hook the reader.

My space alien is a slimy green color . It has 3 eyes on stalks. The eyes are what stands out most on my space alien. It has 3 mouths. The lips are as red as blood. It has a wide and round tummy/body. My space alien is 135 centimetres tall. The round tummy has little spots which are purple. The spots are probably as big as a ladybird. My space alien is called Slimy. He’s called Slimy because of  his green, slimy and smooth skin that he has.

Slimy has round feet and small hands. My favorite part about Slimy is his shiny 3 eyes on stalks because, they are big and they stand out a lot. Slimy loves the color green, especially slimy green. He has lots of friends probably because he’s kind, thoughtful, loyal and caring. Anyone would love to be friends with him.
By Vanessa

Mr Twit (The Twits)

WALT: Write a description about Mr or Mrs twit

Mr Twit is an ugly and hairy man. He has a wife called Mrs Twit. They hate children. Mr Twit has a very long beard. It is very hairy. Sometimes Mr Twit is disgusting because he ate worms out of spaghetti. Gross! Gross! Gross! It might make you lose your appetite. He is Hideous, ugly, rude and cruel. His "lovely" wife Mrs Twit is also rude, mean and just like her husband, disgusting! they play pranks on each other. Not funny pranks. Horrid, revolting, yuck and Jaw dropping pranks Just like the one where Mrs Twit put worms in Mr Twits plate/bowl of spaghetti. Yep, these pranks are horrible. I would be grossed out if Mrs or Mr Twit put yukky worms in my yummy spaghetti! I think that Mr Twit is a rude man who terrify's children.
By Vanessa

Yr 5 Camp Woodend writing

WALT: Describe our feelings about camp.
S.C: The reader will enjoy reading our description. 18.11.16

On Tuesday the 15th of November, the Year 5’s went to Woodend Christian Camp. I felt really happy, excited and nervous about coming. I was excited to try the water slide, happy about sharing a bunk with Kendell and nervous about trying the Go Karts. When we had free time I went on the Water slide. It was super fast! I was versing Holly and I won. After that I went on the Maypole. I went really high. My hands really hurt from holding on. Activity rotation no.1: Archery and Air Rifles. When it was my turn on the first one it landed on the grass, the second one I got on the back. The last one I got was on the blue! Then we went over to shooting. I didn’t get one of the targets but Kendell got a duck. Activity rotation no. 2: Orienteering. We had to find these wood things with yellow on it that had a letter. Holly, Kendell Lizzie (parent) and I went as a group together. We went really well because we found 13 letters out of 20. Then we had afternoon tea. We got biscuits and juice. Activity rotation no. 3: Go Karts. I was really nervous because I was first up. I went really well until I got stuck. It was fun going up this little hill. We got to hang out in our bunks until dinner. Holly, Kendell and I were stuck talking about our day. For dinner we had nachos with some veggies and dip. For dessert we had Brownies and ice-cream. I’ve never had brownies before so when I tried them it was AMAZING! After dinner we had a Camp Gospel Programme where we talked about God and Jesus. We Had circle time after the programme, we nominated people and got lollies. I got a Milkshake from Archery. Then we had Supper. I had Hot Chocolate and some cookies and baking. We went of to our bunks (Mine was bunk 5) and got changed and organised for bed. When Mrs Hall told us it was lights out I tried to get to sleep but, there was a lot of giggling and chatting. Also  Kendell was slapping me in the foot. After a long talk I finally went to a deep sleep.

The next day…
I woke up at 6:00. The others in my bunk room woke up too. We had a quick shower and got dressed. At Breakfast, I had 3 or 4 pieces of toast. I had Raspberry Jam and Vegemite on toast. Activity Rotation no. 4: Climbing wall. I went on the first one and I made it up the top. I also made it up the top on the second one. I wanted to go on the third one but there wasn’t enough time.
Activity Rotation no. 5: Team Building. We spent a lot of time talking about communication, trust and teamwork. The first Activity was holding hands and moving around without letting go. On the first go we got 34 seconds. Second go was 29 seconds. Third go was 28 I think. Fourth go was 18. Last but not least: 24 I think. We came second place. The second activity was lifting people up on the bars the girls went pretty good. The third activity was getting people up on the wall. I think our group worked really well. Now I think Jack, Felix and Taylor have sore backs from letting people stand on their backs, to get people up. For lunch we had some Hamburgers. It was delicious! I had seconds. Activity group wha had to clean girls bunk rooms. I was Vacuuming. It took a long time, but we got the job done! We had some free time, the free time activities were: Gaga dodgeball, Beach Volleyball, Mini golf, Maypole, Water slide, Trampolines and Playground. My favourite was the Trampolines and the Maypole. After a while we had to go and leave Woodend. I was on bus no.2. At 3:00 we arrived at Oaklands. I had a really fun and awesome time at camp!

Don't let the Pigeon drive the bus.

WALT: Persuade the reader to agree with my opinion.
Why should the Pigeon not drive the bus?
I think the pigeon shouldn't drive the bus because It's a bird and birds aren't made to drive the bus. Pigeons poop everywhere so it would make a big mess.

-Firstly: the Pigeon doesn't have it's license to drive the bus, otherwise it would crash and it would get hurt.
Secondly: it has wings not hands so it would crash and get hurt.
Thirdly: The Pigeon is really small so it might not be able to look out the window.

Pigeons surely have dreams also, not just humans. I think someone should give the Pigeon a chance. But again they would crash if they tried to drive a human bus. The Pigeons biggest dreams is to drive the bus.  If he could just ride one, just one bus, It might make his life happy and worthwhile. Even if it crashed there are still lots of buses left in the world, and probably not that many really happy Pigeons!

In conclusion I think that Pigeons shouldn't drive buses. What if you saw a Pigeon in the drivers seat trying to drive the bus. What would your expression be? How would you feel? Would you tell other people or scream?!

By Vanessa.

A Hammock and a garden

WALT: To Persuade the school to agree with our design.
We would like a Hammock and a Garden together in 20 years time. The Hammock could have a cover in case it rains. The cover will be put on at 3:00 and taken of at 8:30. The students for good behaviour  They can go on it to read and do their work, but they still have to respect it and show the CARE values. We chose this idea, because if someone comes to visit, we can put a display of the vegetables on the Hammock.

We would like some certain Vegetables in our garden:

1. Carrots
2. Lettuce
3. Peas
4. Pumpkin
 5. Tomatoes
6. Broccoli

and last but not least: Cauliflower.
Now some flowers we would like are:
2. Tulips
3. Roses
4. Daffodils
As you can see,  we have put alot of time and effort into our design. Thank you. By Vanessa & Kendell.
Ps. The garden will be behind Rm 12 and 13.

Persuasive Writing. A at Tree house at Oaklands school.

A Treehouse at Oaklands school.

WALT Persuade the reader to agree with my opinions.
Mrs Trotter, I feel that we need a tree house at Oaklands.
I am sure that the students will enjoy relaxing in the treehouse at school.
I also think that the students will enjoy playing  in the treehouse at school.
Firstly, it is peaceful. Secondly, it is fun. Thirdly, it is a nice place to think. Also we might have some rules for the treehouse so people don’t break stuff. We could also have signup  sheets, so people don’t hog it.

The treehouse would change and make the school stand out more.  I think we really should have a treehouse at Oaklands School. As you can see I have written a lot of reasons why we should have a treehouse at Oaklands School. So I hope if we rebuild the school, we could have a treehouse.
By Vanessa.

New Zealand Habitat Collage

W.A.L.T Describe a New Zealand Habitat and the animals who live there.
I can identify several animals from species groups and the habitats they live in. I can give reasons why they belong to this group. I can give reasons why they live in this habitat. I can look at these animals and habitats in a new way by showing my understanding through the art of Collage and a written description.

My Collage shows the Ocean habitat. My 3 animals I chose were the Hectors Dolphin, Jellyfish and the Crab.



WALT Describe a New Zealand habitat and the animals who live there.

My Habitat is the Ocean. At the bottom of the Ocean, there are Hard rocks, Soft sand, Cool shells and Colorful coral. (in the warmer parts) The NZ Ocean is sandy, blurry and dark. The outside is Blue, and a little bit of white. The waves are bumpy, splashy and wavy.

Hectors Dolphin
The Hectors Dolphin is an Endemic animal. The Hectors Dolphin has a white stripe on its face. You can find them at Akaroa. There are less than 7,000 Hectors Dolphins left. The Hectors Dolphins are Omnivores. They are playful.

The Jellyfish stings people, when you get stung by a Jellyfish, There is a Virus in the sting and it makes your heart beat faster. The Jellyfish is Native to New Zealand.

Crabs have snippy, long, sharp claws that can snip you. You can find them at the beach. The Crabs are Introduced. The biggest one is a King crab. It has its eyes on stalks. Some crabs are different colors, Red, Orange, Whitish and dark yellow.

The Ocean is a Wonderful place, but be careful not to drop plastic bags in the Ocean otherwise that will kill the creatures in the Ocean. The Hectors Dolphin Lives in Akaroa because of the Salt water and lots of food avalible to it. The Jellyfish lives in the Ocean because it doesn't have bones to allow it to walk on land, and there is lots of food for for it there. The Crab lives at the beach because there used to the humitity and they have lots of stuff to live on the beach. It's creepy and dark in the Ocean but it is full of life.

By Vanessa.

My week

Week 5     2.3.16

This week has turned out the best! I really enjoy Literacy and working on my computer. Maths has been challenging and easy, I thought my head was about to explode! My school year has turned out great.
For the first week of school has been awesome. My friends are back and ms Williams is very nice. I like that we're allowed to bring a soft toy to class and learning is really fun.I learned a lot about ariana grande. So for the first week has gone really busy and fun.I think I'm going to have a great year.

WALT: Write a recount using paragraphs, a hook and a personal comment at the end.

The best day ever 11/8/15
Yum Yum what is that smell?  It is the yummy candy my friend Sam gave me.

The strawberry one is good and the raspberry one is good too.   Whenever I go to Sam’s house we always eat candy while our mums chat.  When we were there we made lots of stuff like purple bracelets, spotty headbands and Jewel rings.  I did mine purple and Sam did hers pink.

Then we had dinner we had a salad it was good.  Next we played with Sam’s Barbie dolls.I was the hairdresser and Sam was the cleaner.  Then we swapped.  Sam was the hairdresser and I was the cleaner.  Then we watched tv.
Next Sam suggested we go and read some books.  After that we did a word find. I mostly found all of them.  We did lots of pages.  Sam found lots too.  While we were doing the word find Sam said’’our mums might not come. ’’So l said ‘’yeah and if our mums are not coming we can have a sleepover yay’’Then Sam and got all crazy.

9am the doorbell rang and Sam got sad because we wanted to have a sleepover.  But Sams mum said we could have another playdate.  Hooray! Hooray! Sam started going crazy again.  Then our mums said we could play extra 5 minutes and I went Yay so we played tag with Sam’s little brother.  We screamed with laughter until our mums covered their ears. Then I had to go home.

I liked going to Sam’s house because we do lots of fun stuff together.

Kids Can Cook

WALT: put a photo on our blogs

Me stirring the mixture.

jack simpson writing

Shrapnel Valley, Gallipoli

15 May 1915

Today I was horrified by the damage caused by shrapnel

exploding.  My friend got killed by shrapnel from a hand grenade

and I could not save him in time. I feel sad that he got killed.  Duffy

and I went to see where his body was but Duffy and I couldn’t find

him because there were so many bodies lined up on the beach.

I am sick of wearing dirty clothes and I don’t get the chance to have

a shower or brush my teeth with fresh water. I have to sleep on the

ground and I don’t get to sleep that much because I toss and turn

on the hard dirt. I can hear some other soldiers snoring.  I manage

to ignore it so I can get enough sleep but some of them roll over to

me when I am sleeping.

Last night at the battle front I heard grenades and woke up

suddenly.  I woke up the other soldiers and they got their guns and

shot at the Turks.  I was terrified by the noise of the grenades.  Lots

of soldiers got shot in the arms and legs.  I saved over 16 people

but some of them died so I put them on stretchers. One of them

was my old school friend.

I hope this horrible war will end so we can all go home.

By Vanessa

Welcome Post

Welcome to my blog for 2015. This year I will be sharing my learning with you.


I am learning to use adjectives in my writing.
I did this by using words like splattered, mixing, stormy and howling. 


In discovery I made this picture. I showed that I can use symbols.


We are learning to solve addition and subtraction problems in lots of different ways.
We play group box games to help us practice this.


I am learning to talk about a book in detail. This shows I understand it.

Key Competency

Here I am showing the Key Competency 'Managing Self'. I am working with others and listening to them.

Term 3


We are learning to : write a story.
We can do this when we: record our idea's in order, include our senses, use interesting words, check our writing and use punctuation correctly.

My next step is to: add  more detail to my writing. 


We are learning to : identify sounds in words.
My next step is to: apply this knowledge to my reading and writing.


We are learning to : talk about measurement using the correct vocab.

Integrated Topic Term 3

We are learning to: participate and contribute whilst demonstrating creativity.

Writing Term 2

We are learning to : write a recount
We can do this when we can: include an introduction, record our idea's in order,
talk about our feelings, use interesting words.
At the bottom of my writing I have drawn symbols to show
something I can do well and my next learning step.
I have highlighted in green something I have done well in my writing.
I have highlighted in orange something I need to work on in writing.
If you click on the picture it is easier to read.